How To View Date a Video File was Taken

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Re: Download replaces date/time ....

Oh crap I THINK I might have a solution.

it would require that I NO LONGER edit my videos on the field (which would suck I get a lot of work done "on the field" so I would have to stop doing that unless I do it RIGHT after the flight

I have a utility I use called Bulk Renamer that I use to apply the date and time TAKEN of my pictures TO the file name of the picture.

I am going to see if I can apply this to my VIDEO files. then edits won't matter since the original "shoot" time will be part of the file name now.

but it also creates a NEW problem GRRRRR I have to edit the videos "IN" the camera and I do not think the camera will ACCEPT the files if I modify the file names out of "spec"

looks like I might have to rename them. save a screenshot of the modified file names then UNDO the rename so I can edit them but have the screen capture to reference for time data.

IE just screen capture the windows date information before editing. Yeah that would be better.

load the SD card change to detailed view get the date visible and screen capture that information. then use that as a reference later on. this however would require "time" on the field to capture this data. what a pain.

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