Topaz DeNoise vs Noiseware vs Noise Ninja

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Re: Topaz DeNoise vs Noiseware vs Noise Ninja

troukhad wrote:

Since new algorithm Topaz DeNoise is anybody done any comparisons and have any thoughts if one is way better than the other or they are all comparable?

i have recently done all the above plus light room reduction two...

up till light room and even with it topaz is indeed the best..the new version also let u handle most color noise issues..and keep it still in focus as much as possible.. cant handle artifacts no one can buy light room 3...and artifacts are really the biggest noise around...i mean the color blotchy spots....not the tiny dots or banding noise...

light room also is so much more which is an added bonus...

when i posted it btw someone said he uses lightroom 3 first and than topaz denoise for the rest of the noise in order to save as many details as he can...

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