Small, Sturdy, Great IQ... can one come back from FF?

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I've changed my mind - 4/3

Occasionally a certain thread will "haunt" me, in your case because I thought it an interesting question I have often contemplated. So I asked myself if I seriously was only going to shoot travel pics what would I do?

For me, the answer lies not so much in the camera and system, if not going the P&S route, but what am I going to do with the images. In my case there are only two things I do with travel images: 1) display them on the web 2) create a book from companies out there that allow you to make your own.

If this is the case, no image is going to go larger than 8 by 10 which is a good thing in answering your (and my question). I would gravitate to the 4/3 system cameras one of which I'll link below for you as reviewed here at dpreview. The advantage is the sensor is larger than any P&S but the camera and lenses are small, to me the perfect travel camera with interchangeable lenses.

If you check out this camera - or others in the 4/3 system - I think you'll agree they are the perfect travel gear. With this system, two lenses just about cover all your needs, I might add a third, something like the 20mm f1.7 for a fast lens in low light. Remember the crop factor on these cameras is 2.0 so the 20mm acts as a 40mm in full frame. The physical size of this 20mm lens is so small you would barely notice it in a travel photo bag.

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An excellent lens lasts a lifetime, an excellent DSLR, not so long.

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