I don't see a need to upgrade from A700...yet

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Still have A700, but poor QC and faults mean I don't use it much

I still have my A700, but don't use it much anymore. If it wasn't for the poor QC and faults though I would be happy to still be using it even though tech has moved on since it came out in 2007.

Last fall I bought a Canon 60D and I can tell you that I can't think of a single thing I like about the A700 better than the 60D because the 60D is so good. Well, I do like IBIS in the A700, but these days there are a lot more lenses with ILIS than there were a few years ago so IBIS isn't as much of a strong selling point as it was in 2007.

This post and thread I started might be interesting to you. It is my experience going from the A700 to the Canon 60D:


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