If only they could have put the GH2 sensor in the E5....

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Re: LOL, ok now you are grasping at straws...

Raist3d wrote:

When I said the story is different in RAW I didn't mean the E-5 lost detail, but that the GH2 gained detail over its JPEG.

Moreover, since you are using dpreview (once again, when convenient), keep in mind dpreview themselves are calling the absolute resolution of the GH2 higher than the E-5. Of course, dpreview didn't use the 14-140 kit lens for that test...

I rarely use DPR for anything anymore. They can bolster any data they want. Their credibility to some extent has been permanently lost to many. But then again, there are always rookies born every day.

The point is, they could have used the 14-140mm at the proper settings. Ian did, and that was a fair test.

I should probably make a typo or something, then you can jump in like Riley an "prove me wrong" and start a new thread on that. That should make you feel better. It' clearly you are not doing any critical thinking here, and at this point is just "prove Raist wrong."

First you must start to apply practical thinking and fairness, along with any critical thinking. You don't see me going around busting GB and the likes balls do you?

"prove Raist wrong."

Nothing like that. It all started with your instance that Panasonic refused Oly the 16MP sensor; which is not the case.

The two Pany individuals we spoke about, put their refusal opinions in na-na-nan-na-na fashion... and you ran with that. Even if you repost your best evidence to the contrary, it's all on how you interpret the key meanings to their between the line statements.

Maybe if you look back history really hard you can find a few times I have been wrong (even if I apologized or acknowledged it), take it out of context, and quote me. That could also make you feel better.

I know you do... And this is not personal as some would make it.

That Roasted comment got to you... sorry.


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