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Re: Devil's Advocate

moimoi wrote:

To me it is all about an item really cost. When it becomes for some reasons more and more overpriced, at one point, there is a large discontinuity in the sales

Never say never...

There is NEVER such thing as true cost of an item. You can get cheap 35mm and make a single shot with it and sell it for more than the lens is worth. Or you can buy 24-70 (70-200, 14-24 or whatever), make hundreds good shots with it but never sell a single one. What is the true price for a lens in this case? Just for your enjoyment? If so, then you are either OK with the current price or you are not.

To me a lens is worth any penny spent for it when you need it (enjoyment of for profit shot) because if you don't have the lens - you simply miss the opportunity. Of course, I wouldn't buy the 35mm for $1,000 just to have it when I need it, but we are talking about mostly 50% increase in price at times the lens is scarcely available due to hard times in Japan. This hardly justifies any complaint.


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