I don't see a need to upgrade from A700...yet

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Re: I don't see a need to upgrade from A700...yet

WaltKnapp wrote:

Karl Scharf wrote:

As OLD as the A700 is, it still is a very capable camera! So far I haven't seen anything in the Sony APS-C lineup that I like better. The new A77 might change my mind.

Only a true pentaprism OVF DSLR replacement for the a700 with the newer sensor tech and software would interest me. ie an improved camera for still photography, and not compromised by video requirements as the a77 will certainly be.


Really funny how you talk about a camera that hasn't come out yet and be negative about it. The a55 and a33 already kick the a700 IQ, high ISO, FPS and autofocus. The only advantages the a700 has right now with the 2 SLT is the built, the 2 dials and the size.

When I see some self called Advance Amateur that shoot at a higher level than a pro's work, I am proud of being a beginner.

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