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Re: Low Iso Banding

akin_t wrote:

You always complain about noise and all that stuff, why not just get a damn D3s (or is it D3x) already?

I don't like wasting money buying expensive cameras and duplicating lens types. I don't want to take the time to figure out what lenses I want on another platform and buying them. I already have lenses I like. I have proprietary flashes, etc.

Anyone who knows how to properly expose a shot will be fine with Canon cameras. I mean, it's really really easy.

Wrong on two accounts. Banding can show even within a use similar to slide film. Secondly, "proper exposure" is an illusion, held in the minds of people incapable of fathoming the difference between relatives and absolutes. A person who tries to get highlight headroom by using higher exposure index than the arbitrary number name of a low ISO setting on a camera has to deal with not only the necessary and intrinsic noise of such an absolute exposure, but SEVERAL times the read noise of shooting at a higher ISO without the headroom. Other cameras are not forcing this ugly trade-off on the user. There was a time when one could justify this by pointing out that despite the fact that Canon had so much more absolute read noise at low ISOs than it does at high ones, it was still lower than other cameras across the range. Then, other cameras started getting cleaner at base ISO, and now they are better at high ISOs as well.

Yes, we get it, you know a thing or two about cameras. But give it a rest already dude.

No, I will not give it a rest. Canon is cheating their customers (not just with this, but with dumb firmware operation as well, especially in regards to auto-ISO), and this needs to become well-known, so that they are embarrassed into changing for the better. Canon says "this is acceptable noise". It is not acceptable, and Canon needs to know that, and know that everyone else knows that.

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