Vote for "DSC" (Digital System Compact)

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Vote for "DSC" (Digital System Compact)

I retract my earlier recommendation for SLD (Single Lens Digital). Single Lens is an archaic term to separate SLR's from TLR's and serves no purpose. In addition, the title "Compact System Camera" is redundant because we know we're talking about cameras already. The essence of this category of cameras is as follows:

  • Compact . This component MUST be in the description. These cameras must be compact otherwise why did we get rid of the nice bright glass viewfinder in the first place? Kind of like those bulky Panasonic cameras that are not much smaller than a small DSLR but have laggy electronic viewfinders--technology for technology sake. If we don't ensure "compact" is one of the descriptions for this class, we'll continue getting Frankenstein cameras like the Panasonic GH series.

  • Digital . The capturing sensor is digital and the viewing function is via a digital feed, to differentiate from compact film system cameras.

  • Interchangeable Lens . They must be able to have interchangeable lenses otherwise, what differentiates them from standard compact digital cameras?

  • System Camera . The interchangeable lens characteristic falls under this description, but can also describe the hotshoe and compatibility with electronic or hybrid viewfinder attachments.

So what are our choices:

  • Digital System Compact (DSC) -- my top vote ( no need to reiterate it's a camera as in the "compact system camera" moniker)

  • Digital Compact System (DCS)

  • Digital Interchangeable Lens Compact (D-ILC)

  • Interchangeable Lens Compact (ILC)

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