What should mirrorless cameras be called?

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That is funny

IcyVeins wrote:

Why is that surprising? It's the only choice with "mirrorless" in it. And really that is the defining difference between those cameras and SLR cameras. "Compact" doesn't mean anything; one could argue that a D3100 is compact and I'm sure there will be smaller SLR cameras in the future. Micro System Camera could be okay but it's pretty generic. Some other camera design could come along that could just as easily be considered a micro system.

I think Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Design (MILD) might be better, as the acronym gives a ballpark description of how those cameras compare to their mirrored counterparts.

dpreview says our tender manufacturers will not buy "EVIL-type" as it insults their sense of dignity (apparently). But we are talking common public acronym here and this is something users eventually as a group consitently start to use. Nothing to do with what manufacturers would prefer.

Imagine camera manufacturers agreeing to call these camera types their "MILD" type. Roll over laughing.

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