Canon EOS Rebel T3 image quality issue

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maxnimo wrote:

I just took a peek at the new Canon EOS Rebel T3 image sample comparison at ISO 3200, which is my sweet ISO spot for tough indoor shooting, and I have an issue: The T3 image quality at ISO 3200 is almost as good as the Nikon D3S! So what the hell is going on here? Am I the only one that sees this or is there some sort of conspiracy going on? Are all of you blind? Let me repeat... To my observations the T3 image quality at ISO 3200 is almost as good as the Nikon D3S! Now if there is some error in those review tests, that's not my fault, but my eyes don't lie and I have no vested interests here.

Not only is image of a cheap Canon T3 look as good as Nikon D3s, at iso3200 jpeg, it easily beats out the Nikon d3100 for $200 less.

DPR upload only allow for JPEG, go to the review and compare the iso3200 yourself. Canon T3 has excellent detail retention, where as Pentax K-X is over sharpen to a point of jpeg artifacts, sony is ruined by overly strong NR, and Nikon d3100 has a terrible "banding problem"

Here is the screen shot of what I'm seeing:

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