Canon EOS Rebel T3 image quality issue

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PaulRivers Veteran Member • Posts: 7,420
Re: Canon EOS Rebel T3 image quality issue

sjwolfhope wrote:

Aren't you comparing the T3 at ISO 3200 vs the D3S at ISO 200? There don't appear to be any ISO 3200 samples for the D3S in the T3 review to compare to.

Steve W.

Oh're totally right. I set it to iso3200 at the top, but evidently dpreview didn't feel that they wanted to take iso3200 shots with the d3s (why would they take high iso shots with a camera who's main features is high iso? rolls eyes) and the tool just leaves it at iso200. At least that's the way it is for RAW.

Well don't I feel like an idiot for chiding someone else now...looks like I was the one who had something messed up by accident...

Here's side-by-side's from the jpeg's -

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