D7000 won't focus 35-70 AF-D lens

Started Apr 14, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: If it won't focus at all,

mikew wrote:

perhaps the screw drive focus drive is not working on your camera.

But if your cameratries to focus the lens, but cannot achieve accurate focus, you probably just need to do a focus fine tune of the lens with tyour camera. Try to focus in live view with the lens. If it focuses accurately in that mode, try the fine tune procedure.

It won't focus at all. You can hear it try to focus. the viewfinder never gets in focus and images are blurry corner to corner, there's no spot in the images that is in focus so it's not a back focusing problem we tried some shots of a ruler thinking it just needed fine tune.

My 50 1.8D on the othert hand works just fine on my D7K no focus problem.

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