Olympus Store needs serious work...

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Olympus Store needs serious work...

I love Olympus products, always have, but this behavior is making me rethink the company.

I put in for an email notification a few weeks back to be notified when the MAL-1 Macro light became available (it was out of stock). I got the email a couple of weeks ago, and ordered literally within 10 minutes. The funds were set aside for the purchase by my bank, Olympus showed the order as complete. After a few days, I checked on status, and nothing had changed. I inquired and was told it was out of stock. Upset, I emailed customer support to cancel the order, and get access to my funds again. The Supervisor emailed me that she was sorry, it was her mistake, that never happens, and here's a 20% discount. I'm not fond of discounts when performance is lacking in the first place ("Fool me once..."), but took her at her word.

Yesterday, I received email notification that the hood for the 40-150 was back in stock, and within 20 minutes had ordered it (I'm going by times shown on the email from Olympus and the Order Details.). This morning, I checked status, and got the same "We're sorry..." email, that it had gone back out of stock before the order could be filled.


Ordering from the Olympus Store is a joke. Especially when we're all waiting for these accessories that never seem to get released, ask for email notifications, and then get a complete runaround once we order. I understand that big camera houses get most of the stock when it becomes available, but if you're going to maintain an online store, shouldn't SOME stock be put aside for those who have been waiting on YOUR site? At the very least, the order should be rejected upon placing it if stock is no longer available, you shouldn't place a hold on the funds and then wait for customers to have to ASK before finding out it might be "over the next 2 to 4 weeks" POSSIBLY.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I can take, "it is out of stock" a whole lot better BEFORE they take my money. And I don't want BS notifications to get me to order things that aren't available.

The Supervisor was pleasant the first time (more than I was), and I took her at her word that it was an isolated incident. Now I see it is more their way of doing business online.

If you're thinking about ordering online with Olympus, just be informed that their in/out of stock status isn't reliable.

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