K10 vs K7

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Re: K10 vs K7

bigshorty66 wrote:

I don't know what all of the chatter is about, those shots look much better than i imagined. Kind of like film looked in the good old days. This might be the best choice for me. I have Topaz and can doctor away some of the noise if it is a problem. Thank you for showing your higher iso pictures, this does help me in my mind.

In my experience, the biggest problem with the K-7 at high ISO (1600 and up) is the limited dynamic range, and consequent amount of noise in the shadows. You need to get the exposure dead-on. If you need to do any "pulling" of the shadows, there will be a lot of noise. And it is relatively easy to overexpose at least one channel too.

That being said, I concur with those who estimate it to be about one stop better than the K10D (e.g. ISO 1600 on the K-7 looks like ISO 800 on the K10D). I don't hesitate to use mine at 1600 routinely, and even 3200 from time-to-time. A bit of NR and/or downscaling gives very, very usable results.

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