New EX1 user :) ..and how I ended up buying one over other options

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New EX1 user :) ..and how I ended up buying one over other options

It's here, on my table, looking at me dauntingly. I still have to find a memory card for it and then we'll be able to actually do stuff together. I'm also waiting for the filter adapter, because I'm scared to death (not really) of scratching the lens. Or, like I did with my former Lumix LX3, touching a moist flower with the lens because I could get so close in Macro mode and thus making a big blob on the lens surface - and then being scared to death of scrubbing the lens with a lens pen.

I chose it over many other options to complement my Nikon D700 dSLR. The models I went through were:

DISCLAIMER : The pluses and minuses are relative to my own tastes, they might not reflect your opinions.

Canon G12 (partly concerns also the Nikon P7000)
+ tactile, physical buttons
+ viewfinder (better than nothing)
+ image quality, raw
+ video (720p, don't shoot much video though)
+ the awesome, telescoping filter adapter
+ looks like a proper camera
+ articulated screen
+ image stabilisation
+ hotshoe

  • couldn't get over the comparably slower lens speed at telephoto (compared to other cameras at the same price range)

  • kinda big (size advantage over the D700 is not THAT big)

Olympus XZ-1
+ tactile, physical buttons and the control ring
+ possibility to add an EVF (plus a lot of other stuff..)
+ image quality, raw
+ video (again, not really a deciding factor)
+ a handsome piece of equipment, sturdy
+ F1.8 - F2.5
+ moderately long, fast zoom
+ image stabilisation
+ hotshoe

  • doesn't have an articulating screen (I really got used to the idea of having one)

  • I probably wouldn't buy the EVF since it would make the camera a bit too large, and not small enough compared to my D700 ..

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-- at this point I'll add that a some sort of VF was a must in my opinion

Canon S95
+ tactile buttons again
+ image quality, raw
+ video
+ a high-quality, durable P&S with manual controls
+ F2.0
+ image stabilisation

  • no hotshoe (not really a minus, I mean, what would you put in it when the camera is so small?? A bubble level?)

  • no articulating screen (probably a bit too much to ask, really)

  • comparatively slower lens at telephoto at this price range (but that makes it possible to make the camera small)

+ a really good camera, almost the same as the LX3 I used to have
+ 24mm!
+ hotshoe
+ image stabilisation
+ not really any worse than the ones above

  • not really any better than the ones above

  • I prefer a heavier camera, this one struck me as kinda light... (for my taste) it didn't feel as good in my hand as the cameras above did

Nikon D5100 (I know, crazy, right? This was only a fling, I swear)
+ a small dSLR with all the pros an SLR system has over a P&S

  • a small dSLR

and then....

Samsung EX1
+ sturdy, metallic, nicely heavy-ish tank of a camera

+ tactile buttons that have a nice click to them, rings and a special dial for the various shooting modes
+ image quality, raw
+ articulating screen (makes up for not having a viewfinder.. sniff)

+ looks like a serious tool, not a 'triumph of design' (though it looks gooood..)
+ F1.8 - F2.4 (the zoom range is quite enough for me)
+ 24mm!
+ hotshoe
+ image stabilisation
+ a video mode
+ not too much bigger than the ones above, a lot smaller than my D700
+ compatible with a filter adapter (like all the cameras above)

  • no EVF/OVF, but then again, if it made the camera bigger, I wouldn't want one

  • it didn't occur me to buy it earlier

Ok that's it - thanks for reading

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