F550EXR battery drain

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Re: F550EXR battery drain - maybe a calibration problem

Dresdenboy wrote:
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No, it's not a battery problem - see my previous reply. I'm using the same battery in my F550 replacement that quickly died in the previous F550 and it hasn't died yet after sitting overnight with the same settings used in both cameras. While too many F550s are battery killers, it's only a percentage that have this problem. For Fuji's sake I hope that it's a very small percentage.

Have you fully recharged your battery at least one time before putting it into your replacement camera?

Yes. As I've written several times, the first F550 depleted three fully charged batteries overnight. One was the F550's own battery. The other two were older batteries from an F70EXR and an F300EXR. The F70 battery was used in the new F550 and it showed good battery life. The F300 battery is back in the F300 where it's again working without the problem seen when it was used in the first F550.

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