Prices...What The...???

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Re: Prices...What The...???

Ilkka Nissilä wrote:

In Finland the price of that lens is 2100€, which is 100-200€ less than I recall paying about 15 months ago. Pretty normal price development I'd say.

Here in the Netherlands the lowest price is € 1850. Prices dropped sharply from a ridiculous €4000 at introduction to a more reasonable €2500 in the fall of '09. Prices then went down a bit more in the first half of '10 and since then have been fluctuating between €1800 and €2200.

Not so with the D700, D3s, D3x and the super teles; all those have gone up by about €200 since the quake. And that's if you can actually get one.

Photos at

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