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tundracamper wrote:

moimoi wrote:

In any event, I would stop buying unless there is a major cut in price.

And when everyone stops buying, the price comes down. Apparently, the free market concept isn't very clear. I just paid way more for a lens than the price three weeks ago and I'm not complaining. Although I'm not really happy, that's just the way things work. If you want it, you pay the asking price because obviously the lenses are still selling at the higher prices. I am sure that the news of a Nikon plant closing helped elevate those prices.

As a smart consumer, we can modify the impact of supply/demand on the prices we pay by buying at times of perceived oversupply. If you don't buy when you truly "need" something, you can often get a good price. If you "need" to buy something, you are at the mercy of the pricing at the time - even if they are bad prices.

Shortly after Christmas, I bought a 70-200mm VR1 for the purpose of shooting photos of my daughter at sporting events and school functions. Since she is 7 months old, I obviously didn't need the lens immediately. Why did I buy? I got a very good price on a like new model. Even though I didn't need it "now," I knew that I would eventually get one. If I tried to buy that lens used today, it would probably cost me an extra $300. Compared to the VRII, I saved a $1000.

For those of us that are not professionals, lenses and cameras are rarely an immediate "need." Simply put, they are a luxury. To save money, hobbiest should identify their wants and take advantage of times of oversupply. In times like today, we wait until things return to normal.

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