HS20 Issues - Share yours here....

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Re: HS20 Issues - Share yours here....

adzman808 wrote:

but the temp issue, that's serious... i played with a hs20 in store & it took less than 6 shots to display the warning lamp...

i flagged this up to the store manager & we started playing with the hs to force it to fail...

my £0.02?

it's software related


if we put the cam on auto mode = no warning lamp

if we put it on exr high DR, warning lamp even B4 the shutter was pressed

turn cam off / back on & back into auto, lamp goes away

back into exr high DR & (can u guess) lamp comes back on

so either the camera is heating up to about 2.5X the ambient temp & then cooling & then heating up again within 10 secs (whist not feeling hot to the touch at all) or there's a bug in the software that relates to the "thermometer" in exr

i wonder which one....

i bought the hs10 with trepidation after reading pages about how bad it was & i was delighted with it, but i think the hs20 sets new standards of horse shjt in terms of online nonsense

well done.

i think i might wait for the heat to die down (sic) & make a decision on whether to spend my hard earned in a month or so.


I think you may have hit the nail on the head with the testing you did in store. "Software related" makes sense to me because the F550 does not have this problem and now apparently Fuji have told some people the firmware update will be real soon.

The quality control issues are different and everyone who buys one needs to be vigilant and do a check of their lenses for nasties. This is where real stores can add value to the sale, by checking the camera with the customer before he/she leaves the store.

All that remains then is the video problem. The answer to that may be, if video is important to you, don't buy this camera or carry a second compact camera such as a Panny or a Sony for video and backup purposes. OR buy the F550 which has better focusing and no one has complained about focusing noise. Though with the F550 you are entering another world of lens flare and battery life problems which probably can't be fixed with a firmware update.

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