Photoshop batchproces: Files won't close?

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Re: Photoshop batchproces: Files won't close?

JJMacks wrote:

When you use the image Processor script or Dr Brown's Process 1-2-3 script do you have them include one of your actions. If so could your action or the action you batch create or add documents into Photoshop active document ring that they don't close out. If not something is not working correctly in your systems Photoshop instantiation. Try testing your process on some other machine. If files stay open on that machine to. Look more closely at your Actions and the options used in the Automate Batch dialog what you describe is not normal execution when correct actions and options are used.

No extra or added documents within the action.

The problem only occurs only when I use huge actions with lots of layers etc. and only if I batchprocess a huge number of files. With only a few files everything works as intended.

I made a workaround that actually works: I included a "save as" command in the action, created a droplet and the not-closing-files problem was gone.

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