A gift for Sony HVL-F43AM flash owners

Started Mar 20, 2009 | Discussions thread
HopeSpringsEternal Regular Member • Posts: 484
Re: new HVL-F42AM & HVL-F58AM tool

Ha. You're right!

ham cam wrote:

HopeSpringsEternal wrote:

You know I think you would find a lot of users for this as an IPhone or Android application.

The dials could then be controlled by touch. If you programmed different flashes information into it, you can let the user select their camera/flash combo and avoid the need for the user to adjust settings based on flash GN or camera crop factor.

I bet you found this thread by searching for the just-released flash model f43.

Did you notice the thread was 2 years old! That's not to say that your post isn't still valid - it would make a useful app.

No doubt, this thread was originally meant to be about the f42, rather than the f43 which didn't exist at the time.

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