Recent business/corporate headshot session...

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Trevor Stevens
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Recent business/corporate headshot session...

Just finished this job for Lexus of Portland here in Portland, OR and thought some of you might like to see how it was set up. The job consisted of shooting almost 50 employees over the span of three days. This was my first attempt at a portrait of this type and I think the results came out perfect!

I traveled to the dealership and set up my studio in their conference room where there was plenty of room, no windows and the overhead lights could be turned off to avoid any color imbalances.

Here is the setup shot...

Studio equipment:

  • An Impact background stand I purchased from B& along with a roll of Thunder Gray seamless paper (4.5').

  • A stool borrowed from the service drive of the dealership.

  • Olympus E-510 and Zuiko 50-200mm @ 100mm mounted on tripod.


  • One Sunpak 433D @ 1/4 power mounted on a stand with a 45" shoot though umbrella, camera left, eye level to model.

  • One bounce card (sheet of white poster board), camera right, eye level to model to fill left side of face.

  • One Sunpak 433D @ 1/16 power w/ 1-stop gel and DIY grid, mounted on stand, behind model facing seamless, angled at 60 degrees.

  • Both flashes triggered with YongNuo CTR-301P wireless triggers.

And here are a few of the results...

Flat view
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