I see Nikon is...

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Re: I see Nikon is...

Benna78 wrote:

...upgrading or presenting a lot of lenses...why is canon not doing the same (what about a revised 50f1.4, a revised 35 f1.4, a revised 100-400 IS...)?

To be honest canon did a lot of other things (the 100 macro, the 70-300 L, etc...), but I think there's still something missing.

Just a thought.


I don't know, I think Canon has been very busy in the lens redesign and new development area...

All of the Super Telephotos are being revamped including the 300/400mm 2.8L IS lenses and the 500/600mm F4L IS lenses..

I've seen a patent applications for both the 24-70 2.8L and the 300mm F4L IS lenses, and then there's the absolutely fantastic bombshell of a new 200-400 F4L IS lens that is in development... That's a lot of new glass, but given the recent events in Japan, much of this is on hold until they can get the situation under control over there...


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