Do 1D4 images "crop better" than 1.6x cameras?

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Do 1D4 images "crop better"?


Shooting with the intent to crop is just a bad idea all around. Unfortunately, cropping is hard to avoid when one can't get close enough.

Anyway, I wouldn't buy a 1D MkIV based on that criteria. If I knew I'd be cropping all the time due to the fact that my lenses were too short, I'd buy a 7D.

If the exposures are good, I doubt one would notice much noise in the output from either camera. When I underexpose using the 1D MkIV, the results are as ugly as any camera out there when I try to save the shot.

photogirl7 wrote:

When a 1D4 image is cropped, does it retain better IQ than a cropped image from a 1.6x camera (7D, 60D, 50D, etc) ? Assuming both images have about the same amount of cropping.

I've read that cropping a 7D image causes the noise to become more apparent, or more of a problem, than those of the cropped 1D4 images.

I don't own either camera, but if true, then it's something to consider for those who plan on doing a lot of cropping (sport shooters, for example).

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