X100 - A bit of criticism

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X100 - A bit of criticism

I received my X100 yesterday and it absolutely looks stunning! There are however, a couple of points which are a bit annoying to me. (This is purely subjective!)

Main criticism:

  • Focus ring is too slow

  • When taking a picture through the VF, it takes too long until I can see the image on the display

  • Bracketing only available from ISO800 upwards

  • Bracketing doesn't really work for me as the three exposures don't differ at all from each other.

  • No inbuilt HDR feature (again, my opinion - I know some people out there would hate such a feature)

  • Spot-AE doesn't work very well. Very often, the object is underexposed although it was focussed.

  • Autofocus is not very precise, often takes a couple of times to focus properly

  • Minimum distance of 60cm could be lower. Switching to macro mode, every time something is a bit too close can be annoying.

  • Buttons are a bit fiddly (especially the D-pad and the ring)

  • No Mini-USB or Micro-USB port

Of course these points don't necessarily have to ruin the camera for everybody, they do however dampen my initial enthusiasm about it.

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