Bride Unhappy with 'Proof Book'

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Bride Unhappy with 'Proof Book'

Just had an e-mail last night from a bride we photographed last year.

Prior to this I had visited her twice before the wedding, then of course did the wedding plus all the usual work that makes up the 26 hours or so that I now find goes into every wedding we do. I even had to take her album and proof book to her as she basically refused to come and collect it.

Anyway, she loves the album and the enlargements but is unhappy with the Proof Book. She say she wasn't aware that she was getting her 200 proofs printed into a book with the file number printed below each one (she was as this is what she had been shown at our 1st visit - it's what I've been doing now for about 6 years,) and that in their present form they are useless to her. I've explained the purpose of a proof book to her, but what she means of course is that she can't hand some of them out to friends and family.

She thinks that for the money she paid, the DVD slideshow of 1,000 photographs set to music, the 36 page album and the 'unusable' proof book is not much and she now thinks I can print her an extra set of 6"x4" proofs - for which she'll happily pay me £20 (ignoring any costs I have in uploading and placing the order.)

I have drafted a 'fairly civil' e-mail in reply detailing the time it takes to shoot a wedding plus the associated costs, plus that she has received exactly what she contracted me to provide.

Question -

1. should I send it and say no.
2. should I send it and say okay, no problem, £20 is fine.
3. should I send it and say okay, but it'll be £20 plus costs plus profit.
4. should I just retire

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