Film, I can't leave it alone

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Film, I can't leave it alone

My experience with digital is only the 35mm digital and not the MFD systems. But I have to say the overall look of digital does not appeal to me as much as film does. I have tried the various canned film "looks" and spent a lot of time in photoshop trying for the elusive film effect. I admit you can get very close and I would not bet on an individual print I could say for certain if it was shot on film or digital. On mass though straight out of the can film still has it for me. I am not talking about 100% views on screen, or the ability to capture detail, neither wether there is more or less grain/noise. I just mean the beauty of the finished image. I think there is a better depth of colour and a more gradual move from tone to tone. I think that is why digital can not really "do film" the information is not there in depth.

I have heard it said that National Geographic used to advise their photographers to look over their shoulder every once in a while to see the view behind, if that is true or not I don't know, but good advice all the same. I would say with the latest films from Kodak it could be worth the occasional glance over the shoulder and grab a roll or two of Kodak 120 Portra and shoot some film. I know if weddings was my living I would make room for a couple of rolls in the workflow.

Strangely talking to my clients, they prefer the look of film, it's just time and budget that means they want digital.

We are in a golden age of film and it's passing us by, once it's gone we will all miss it.

At least when I cry into my beer over it's passing I will be able to say "I was there".
Dust off the 'blads and be there too, it's not going to last I fear.


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