Does iPad or tablet of any kind have hdmi input ?

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Re: Does iPad or tablet of any kind have hdmi input ?

As others have noted, there is no tablet with HDMI input (AFAIK). But, this will get you the monitoring if you will be satisfied by LCD. There might be LED models on the horizon, but at the moment this is what is possible:

$249 (premade set).

Other model with built in battery 2000mAH:

Do it yourself pricelist:

Lilliput 7" monitor w/HDMI input: $195
Energizer batt for the monitor $74.88/8000mAH $119.99/18000mAH (sale prices)
1/4 to camera hot shoe adapter: $19.99

The battery for the diy is about double, or quadruple the capacity of the set. At double the capacity for $40 more, I think that its a better deal, plus the energizer can charge your USB stuff.

IMPORTANT: check out the customer reviews on the units, I seem to have read some about impossible to use in sunlight (for the one with built in battery). Search Amazon in general for the models.


Lilliput 7" monitor:

Energizer 18000 mAH Battery: or (the LCD-panel of the liliput draws around 2000 mA according to the tec spec from lilliputs website )

Hotshoe 1/4 adapter:

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