Thinking of cancelling BH X100 order

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Re: Thinking of cancelling BH X100 order

You're being generous IMHO. They weren't ever going to hit the target with any sort of number..and the few that did go out, shouldn't have.

I called this a long long time before the disaster, and at this point disaster or not, it wasn't going to get out til may at the number. Add the disaster to that..ll..even more delayed.

Bt given the early adopter issues, and the delays prior to the disaster, and it wasn't ever shipping 'on time'. It was hype..and they knew rolling out in limited numbers may help add demand (a la leica).

I'm sure many will love this camera, I'll be back for revision 2, if there is one or I don't buy an x2 a year before the fuji is avilable.

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