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By the way Paul, what is your opinion about this printer compared to systems with 6 or 7 shades of gray? ...

My write up on the 1100 is at In general, I think it can be a very good value. Epson has had them on sale for $130 for some time. I have not done a color comparison, but in the past I used a C88 for color and found it acceptable. The light inks are smoother for critical viewers.

With respect to B&W, the curves I show in the PDF can make it smooth enough that only fanatics would see a difference between this printer and a full K6 B&W. Note that with a classic quad -- 4 shades -- B&W setup it can print as well as any, IF there is a good profile. See for info on a quad setup, and see

for a scan of a test strip to check it out. A significant problem with the 1100 is that QTR does not support it. Making partitioning curves with Photoshop can be tricky. I have posted a few.

What I like most about the 1100 is that it's so easy to set up and maintain, and it's fast for text, but not photos. It's my default small/home office printer - in no small part due to its high speed text printing and it's ability to be a backup printer for my fine art -- it is definitely good enough for that use.

Note that the "EZ" B&W setup with the 1100 uses LK-density inks for the "color" positions. That means ANY pigment Lk can be put into the printer. For example, HP Z3100 gray in an 1100, will print the most lightfast and stable neutral/cool matte or glossy prints, with only 100% carbon being better. (And note how cheap HP "Lk" can be if diluted with the generic base. See ) In short, for B&W, the 1100 is part of an approach that can make the very best looking and most lightfast 100% carbon or neutral prints for very little money and very easily. I used the 1100 in a museum talk and demo on how to print 100% carbon "sepia" tone prints using MIS PK and LK with Museo Silver Rag. It can definitely make museum quality prints, and very easily. Needing only 2 bottles of ink -- K and LK -- to keep it filled makes for some easy maintenance.

The 1400, however, remains my main 13" photo printer. It's more flexible, has more appropriate ink limits, and is supported by QTR.


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