Old datecode 24-70 from B&H?

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Re: I doubt he...

...feels he is putting one over on you. He is a boutique store, running on low rents, low volume & high margins. The model year has not changed & as far as Canon is concerned, it is the same as any other copy.

That said, manufacturing methods change, old machines get replaced with newer more accurate ones. I know that 1-400's had a rep for being a lot of sample variation at first, but not so much now.

I'd test it thoroughly, if it works well. Consider keeping it. OTH, if u are going to shop there anymore, you may want to get it somewhere cheaper.

billynj wrote:

I am going back today, I truly feel scammed, as this information about the baffle code manu date is not easy to find or well know so I guess as a newbie and not neing a pro shooter he thought he could get over on me ..

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