Testing new Canon 100 mm 2.8L Macro

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I recently decided to buy this lens after comparing it with the Canon EF 85 f/1.8.

I have started this thread: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1029&message=38152389

And here are some samples from the 100L, compared with the 85 f/1.8 (text taken from my other thread):
Rented a 100L this weekend, and used my buddy's 85 f/1.8 as well.

Did some test shots in various light, various framing, various conditions. Here are my results!

First test: Close up portrait, for bokeh.


Results: No discernible difference, and I may like the 100L's bokeh better at this framing.

Second test: Full-body portrait, for bokeh.


Results: The 85 was shot at 1.8, so the bokeh is significantly better than the 100L, which was at 2.8. However, the 100L's bokeh is still fantastic, and doesn't convince me the 85 is that much better for portraits.

Third test: Macro, for sharpness and bokeh.


Results: The 100L clearly wins here. The 85 shot is a little blurry, which is my fault, but they're both shot at 2.8, and I much prefer the 100L's bokeh.

Additional thoughts: The 100L is a 2.8, obviously, so I was concerned about its use in low-light. Using very minor noise reduction with the Topaz Denoise plug-in, I was able to achieve a butter-smooth image from an ISO6400 shot on my 50D:

One additional "real-world" portrait:


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