HX9V and SanDisk Extreme vs. Extreme Pro

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Re: HX9V and SanDisk Extreme vs. Extreme Pro

JustinL01 wrote:

VarmintCong wrote:

Why do you need a 45 MB/sec card to transfer 3.5 MB/sec video?

I doubt you could find a new card these days that's too slow for the HX100. Even class 2 cards are faster than their rated 2 MB/sec.

Sorry I disagree, the key is sustained write, only certain cards will be able to handle HD recording, no way would a class 2 4 or 6 be able to do a decent job without dropping frames unless it was designed for it.

Personally if you are looking to do video at the top 28mbs I would go for the latest SONY MEMORYSTICK PRO HG DUO HX measured upto 30mbs min sustained write speed of 15mbs.

I have an 8gb in Nex 5 and just ordered another 16gb for my new HX100V

You can't trust manufacturer's claims. You can see sustained write speeds in actual tests here:


The slowest card he tested was 5 MB/sec, more than enough for this camera. Now he didn't test any class 2 cards, so some of the cheap ones could be too slow. I use Sandisk class 2 cards on my HX5, which is 17 mbps, but they test out at 8 MB/sec when I test them.

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