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Your issues

Daniel Lowe wrote:

Look, you are just not being fair. You need to understand that in my country, American tourists are often very rude and disrespectful of my country, I am not looking for it unfairly, they actually approach me . I am always civil and respectful of them, but sadly, it is often not returned.

If you are as civil and respectful as you've been in this thread then it's easy to understand why you find so many rude people.

Just the other day a group of American tourists were talking at the top of their voices about how stupid all the names of our native birds are. I just chose to ignore them, but then they approached me and my brother and started going on about it. We simply explained that the way they were pronouncing it was incorrect and explained that it was a Maori word. They then proceeded to start an argument about the spelling and how stupid it was!! to which we declined and said have a nice day.

Again, your actions there don't square with your actions here. There you're a saint. Here you ain't.

They walk off laughing at the stupid NZers.

This happens ALL THE TIME ask any NZer involved in the tourist trade.

I know there are some wonderful American people, I have met many, but sadly there are a disproportionate number (relative to all tourists here) that seem to have a contempt for the place they are visiting and the people that live there.

Why do you think that is?

Karma. You're attracting rudeness like a magnet.

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