canon 1d IV - 600mm HELP!!!

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canon 1d IV - 600mm HELP!!!

Please can someone help! or at least tell me what i'm doing wrong

i upgraded last year from a mkIII, second one i'd had after a long battle to get my earlier one fixed, in the end they sent me a replacement which was superb!!!!. I have had the mkIv for little under a year and because of family commitments i havn't used it as much until jan of this year. in March i bought a 600 F4 as my passion is wildllife/birds, and the last couple of time i have been out with it i am getting the same problems i had with the 500, and my original mkIII, see link below for original problems.

this is where under certain conditions the camera doesn't seem to focus and you get a strange almost double imaging, with no point in focus in the frame.

Fast forward to the mk 4

the link below are the shots that have been produced in roughly the same conditions with remarkably the same results, although different camera/lens combo is used this time, the only same variable is the 1.4 telecon (although this was checked out 3 times by canon 2 years ago when the eventually gave me a replacement body). sometimes its completely OOF and othertimes like the shot of the gannet there seems to be sensor bloom type of effect around the image and a flatness/lack of contrast.

all these pics were taken either with the bare 600 or 1.4 so i know that the 1.4 telecon isnt the problem as the issue is still evident on the images with the bare 600.

centre point was used with either left/right or surrounding 9 points activated. I have also tried single shot and AI servo modes. Camera was on a gitzo tripod with Wimberly full gimbol of beanbag on car window.

Having said the above its not apparent all the time if you look at my images on flickr (link below) i got some stunning shot of the gannets and grebes, its only now and again it really lets me down, like every single shot of the oyster catchers on sunday over 40 shots all the same!

i am a little peed off after spending another 11k on camera and lens not to be getting consistant shots and having the same issue i had before.

can anyone shed any light as to why this is happening??

many thanks mike

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