Flash bracket suggestion for 500 VR with RRS foot?

Started Apr 12, 2011 | Discussions thread
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colinchisholm Forum Member • Posts: 70
Flash bracket suggestion for 500 VR with RRS foot?

OK, looking for a recommended flash bracket to my mount SB-900 with better beamer.

TC1.4EII (sometimes)
500VR with RRS replacement foot
Jobu BWG-Pro gimbal head

Mounting the camera to balance on the gimbal head, I have useable space to clamp on a flash bracket to the BACK end of the RRS foot behind where it clamps into the Jobu gimbal head as follows:

  • 1" available space (with TC)

  • 1.5" available space (without TC)

I don't see any actual spec on the clamp size for the Wimberley or Jobu flash brackets, although I assume 1" would be enough.

But also looking to see if anyone has any recommendations from experience with this kind of setup.


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