HS20 Issues - Share yours here....

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Re: HS20 Issues - Share yours here....

Daniel Lowe wrote:

Hi Garth
re HS20 lens.

I think it may be partially sealed at least, looking inside with a torch, it appears that the outer seal may be behind the internal part that also zooms, possibly isolating it from dust ingress.

Sure. There's at least one group locked together by a secondary structure which moves in unison (or stays stationary) as you zoom. Outside of that group, there's still an "air gap" which becomes larger or smaller as you zoom the lens back and forth. That space is either being compressed or creating a partial vacuum, and that pressure differential has to be equalized somehow. Outside air's my guess. Over time, you're going to get more dust in there (and if you're using this camera in a really dusty environment, "over time" may only be a few days or weeks).

This is why, when the opportunity presents itself, I normally purchase DSLR lenses that use internal focusing, to try and reduce the opportunities for dust ingress.

I think the issues with dust have been at the time of manufacture, possibly in a plant that should have been cleaner.

I imagine that's so, but I wasn't paying close attention to the zoom mechanism during the first few days of ownership, so I can't say how clean it was when I first unboxed it. The tiny scratch appears real.

I am greatly relieved to read your advice that a few small spots of dust won't be an issue, the lens is not filthy, but there are a few tiny spots of dust trapped between the elements.

Again, if the lens assembly's correctly designed, most dust should never resolve. Over time, you will unavoidably start to experience increased flare. Since the lifetime of this camera is probably just a handful of years, for most people that means they'll have ditched the camera and moved on before it becomes a real issue.

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