Zoom Lens - 55-250 IS Vs 75-300 III for CANON EOS 500D (Rebel T1i)

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Re: Zoom Lens - 55-250 IS Vs 75-300 III for CANON EOS 500D (Rebel T1i)


Thanks all for the answers......One question was left unanswered. Will a closeup lens / 50mm lens put on a reversely mounted zoom lens enable me to shoot some macro....as some where i read the below comment....

" I bought a 58mm Canon 250D close up filter for this lens (55-250 Lens) and now I have a fantastic macro lens, that is capable of doing 1:1 macro with a working distance of 25cm ( 10″)! The 250D is roughly 1/7 th the price of the closest 1:1 macro lens with the same working distance – the tamron 180mm 1:1 macro if you were planning on getting a seperate macro lens. The 250D is optically optimized for lens up to 135mm focal length, but the results are fantastic handheld up to 200mm on this lens. Using 250mm (when you get a bit higher than 1:1) is a little bit of work, but gets decent results (with mirror lockup + tripod + f/25). No horrible color fringing that happens with cheap closeup filters on the market (like the Opteka +1,+2,+4, and +10 close up filters). I haven’t used a true 1:1 macro lens, which I suspect will definitely be better quality-wise, but the combination of a canon 55-250mm IS + canon 250d for a telephoto + 1:1 macro + IS under 400$ is a true bargain along the lines of the 50mm f/1.8."

My question is whether the use of a close up lens (plz suggest a model for my kit) with 55-250 IS combination help me shoot some macro...... (I think the lens needs to be mounted reverse and then used)....can u plz explain on this.

Yes, a close-up lens, like the Canon achromat 500D works quite ok on the 55-250 IS, it gives you almost 1:1 magnification.
Here is more information how to get higher magnification without a macro lens.

there are other talks that a 50mm lens mounted on a zoom lens backward can enable macro....can some one explain this trick.......

The 50mm lens will work the same way as a close-up lens, i.e. magnify your image. However, it will be quite a bit stronger than a normal +2 or +4 dioptre close-up lens.

Further, on "plastic" lenses like the 55-250 IS I would not attach a heavy lens on the front, it might not be good for the mount and AF gears.

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