Travel kit: Trans Siberia express

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Travel kit: Trans Siberia express

It's going to be a long time from now, but i'm already trying to get my gear toghether for this monster trip i want to make.

My plan is to go from Singapore towards Europe by train and it will most probably be over Russia with the trans-siberian express (but also the trans mongolian express and the Singapore BKK express)

now... since i will be traveling for a goot 1 to 2 months i will probably see a lot of scenery that i will want to take photo's off.

In short, what gear would you recommend getting.

Currently in my inventory:

sb700 (soon to receive)
35mm 1.8
cheap (but heavy) tripod
wireless remote trigger
2X batteries
13 inch sony laptop (s-series)

personally i was thinking of some more primes and a wide angle lense. Maybe a gps module. Maybe i'll do without the tripod, or get a lighter one. Get a lighter and smaller laptop (image tank doesn't make sense, i might think of a netbook... but i'm not sure about it though)

on my list of considerations:
50mm 1.4
50mm 1.8
85mm 1.8
18-200mm (do without the 18-105mm)
180mm 2.8
extra batteries for camera
lighter tripod

I am on a budget. But am willing to consider good options. Basically i need a light and complete kit that will allow me to capture this fantastic trip in all it's glory.

(btw i love my 35mm prime, i think the most beautifull pictures are shot with that lense).

what i notice from my shooting style: i miss wide angle, i compensate by shooting multiple shots on 18mm and stiching the picture (not always very nice though)

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