considering 7D & 100-400mm lens for Birds Photography

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Better beamer and misc other things

My research has led me to the 7D, which by all accounts looks to be a pretty decent birding camera. While researching lenses, I've basically settled on the 100-400mm L IS USM lens. My main subject is birds, and I live in quite a foresty area, so the versatility of a zoom lens is a must. I figure this will be a decent combination to produce quality bird images while I learn how to use the new Canon set up. In the future I will also look at purchasing a 500 f4 or 600 f4 once I feel comfortable with the system (and save the pennies!).

The 7D with 100-400L make a great combo.

Will the Canon 430 EX II be a sufficient external flash for bird photography?

Not sure if that would satisfy you or whether the 580EX II would be best, but no matter which external flash you choose, use the "Better Beamer" with it. If you google it you will get lots of info about it.

Any monopod recommendations for this combo?

Personally I don't find a monopod helpful if I'm aiming my camera upwards towards tree branches. That's because, though I'm not a tall woman, it still requires me to bend down too much and look up thru the viewfinder with my body bent over. I find it easier to handheld.

I use a Wimberley Sidekick with my tripod for bigger lenses that I cannot handhold.

Which backpack would you recommend for this set up?

The combo does not need too much length for storage as the 100-400 can be fairly minimized when not used. There's a nice Canon backpack that's fairly inexpensive. I have an older Lowepro model that is no longer sold.

Any hints/tips/links for settings etc for the camera/lens/flash combo to really get the most out of this gear?

Practice, shoot, practice, shoot, practice, shoot. Then come back to the forum with more specific questions.

Good Luck!

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