14-140mm vs gh1 kit vs gh2 kit

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14-140mm vs gh1 kit vs gh2 kit


Here is my story.

I have a gf1 with a 20mm f1.7 (as well as a d700 and a set of prof lenses).

The gf1 with the pancake is really small and nice and does it's job.

Now i' m thinking to add a zoom to my kit in order to be able to leave the big guns at home when I go on vacation.

The 14-45 is nice but is not long enough as at 45 vs 20 on the prime I can walk the distance most of the time.

So I was thinking of getting the 14-140 (the oly 14-150 is not in the picture as it has no is and I would never consider a lens over 100mm (35mm equiv) without is).

I am using the camera 70% photo 20% video.

Now the thing is that I looked around and for 200 more than the14-140 I can get a gh1 kit with it and I can even get a new hackable one.

My only worry is the banding at iso1600+.

Than there is also the option of a gh2 kit but that would be 650 over jut the lens and is also hard to find.

I would like the two cameras setup and I know that the gh2 is probably the best option but is also the most expensive.

The gh1 is tempting but if is going to have banding at iso1600+ it will be similar to the gf1 i have that is usable up to about iso800 (that's my standard others might not agree). Yes the gh1 has a viewfinder, better video and a flip screen. But would it be worth it?

Also if I decide on the gh1 as a second body wouldn't be better to pay the extra cash for the gh2 that doesn't have the gh1 banding problems, although they are hard to find?

So if you had the choice what would it be:
1) buy 14-140mm and just use it with the gf1
2) buy the gh1 (hackable) kit for 200 more
3) buy the gh2 kit for 650 more

Thanks for the help.

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