Dp2s is interesting to me?

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Re: Dp2s is interesting to me?

Red John wrote:

Hi, I'm interested in Sigma DP2s camera. I've got the DP1 camera. I have read that the Sigma DP2s and 50 iso is unbeatable. Is this true?

With the Sigma DP2s and alm-1..., can I do excelents portraits?


Have DP2, not DP2s, but effectively the same.
I asked a similar question on 50 iso some months ago - see thread
I rarely use 50 - find that 100 is pretty sweet.

Not sure what type of portrait you would expect to get using a 40mm equivalent lens with a close-up filter fitted - not my first choice unless you want distorted perpective (shooting from distance of 30cm) with consequently very limited depth of field.
Even without the ALM-1 I wouldn't call the DP2 a "portrait" camera.

Compared with your DP1 it makes a fantastic general purpose camera, but unless you want a slightly wide angle style of portrait, I'd be looking for something that will give you 80mm - 105mm equivalent.

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