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RDKirk wrote:

First rule of photographing small children and dogs:

Small children should be rested and fed; dogs should be tired and hungry.

Well the parents suggested starting early (9:30am) which the child seemed well rested and full of "happy energy" which turned out to be a mixed blessing.

Put the camera on a tripod and get the picture set up first using just couple of the older family members. Then get everyone else set up first before bringing out mom and the toddler (usually, you position mama first and then her family around her, but with a toddler you have to position mama last).

I thought my tripod would be more of a hindrance. I figured with an active toddler it would be easier to hand hold. This being the first time I ever taken photos of a toddler. The youngest until most recent is 8 yrs old and was infinitely easier in comparison. Don't get me wrong I did have fun.

Your shooting from now on--the reason you're using a tripod--is to get good shots of each person and then swapping eyes heads or other body parts as necessary to create a perfection composite of everyone's best look.

Agreed something I come to learn the hard way, unfortunately...

Concentrate first on getting good shots of the toddler, even if it takes coaxing from mother to do it. When you've got good shots of the toddler, then concentrate on the others as necessary, until you see that you've gotten everyone's best.

Actually, I think the best shot of the toddler was when we allow him to just play. As he started to get more frustrated from being held and wanting to get down from mom's lap I suggested they just let him go allow him to relax and play. Once he got to enjoy himself he cooperated for another 5 or 10 minutes for the "formal shots"

Composite them in editing as necessary. But if you didn't use a tripod, this will be difficult to impossible.

Yes, I now realize one of my biggest mistakes. The funny things is I normally always at the very least bring my tripod even if I don't use it.... go figure.

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