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Answer to your critique of my post

You are missing the entire point of what I said. Of course, most of "the potential market we are talking about here are people who already have FF DSLR along with an array of EF lenses." So what. That's obvious, and it actually helps to make my point. The point is that they would not have to immediately or simultaneously buy a whole raft of new lenses with the body; as I said, they could just buy the "free" or low-cost larger format companion lens to get the immediate benefit of the use of the entire sensor and judge just how soon and how much further they wished to delve into the new system, but still not have to leave the camera languishing on the shelf until they were able to buy all the new lenses they might prefer. Yes, using the EF lenses would only yield something similar to a smaller format "full frame" camera, but, again, so what. They'd be no worse off than they were before. Plus, they would be able to use their existing really long lenses, for the times when that point of view would be helpful, without having to buy medium format lenses of the same angle of view, which would be truly prohibitive in cost if they were equivalent to Canon's fast tele's and super-telephotos. And, last, over time, they could build up a new larger format lens collection to suit their purposes, while not wasting their money on a camera that would otherwise be nearly useless unless they at once bought all the new expensive glass that they wanted or needed. This would obviously be the most rational, most economic, and most useful scenario if Canon introduced a larger format camera.


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