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Re: Garth, you mention a great reminder....

Silent Oracle wrote:

I'm so glad that you mentioned this as a reminder to those testing the camera and who haven't decided to keep it or not. Some points of purchse like B&H do require that no more than X-Amount of photos have been taken.

Yep. And while there's no "shutter count" function that I'm aware of, I have tried the "reset from zero" file-numbering option; this seems to work after every formatting of the SD card. There may be some "deep" method of determining shutter count on the HS20 which I'm unaware of...

It's sooooo easy to shoot and lose track of the number of shots as they can add up quickly. And if the unit ends up experiencing a problem and can't be returned to the POP, then we're left to deal with the manufacturer.

Also, Click gave some great advice. It's a good idea to hold off just a bit until the bugs can be removed before purchasing (any) camera. Some great advice I'll (try very hard to) follow going forward. Also, price may quickly decrease as it did with the HS10.

A piece of advice I typically follow -- I waited two years after the intro of the 5D MkII to buy my copy (and I'm quite pleased with it overall). The HS20 intrigued me in a number of ways earlier "bridge" cameras have not, so I took a flyer on this one. Again, and overall, I don't regret it for its intended use, as a "grab-'n-go high-end snapshooter," but if I wanted something in a similar form factor with vastly more imaging competence, I'd probably go and buy a GH2 with the 14-140 lens (or whatever its successor ends up being -- heck, I may still do that for an upcoming trip to Europe, and then re-sell it afterwards on the 'Bay, essentially "leasing" the camera for six weeks or so...).

Thanks for reminding everyone about limited exposures for accepted returns, Garth.

It does vary from one POP to another, and I took a bit of a risk buying an actual imager non-locally; I normally buy accessories etc. from B&H, and buy camera bodies from local retailers. Each time's a judgment call for me.

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