Showing the flag with a flying visit

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Re: Showing the flag with a flying visit

Hi Manxalfa

Thanks for looking - yes, also the distinctive tail assembly, they way the craft sits 'back on its haunches', its double tail-pipes and the fuselage markings mark it clearly as the Eurofighter. There's a lot of NATO cooperative exercise, but I've yet to see a VC-10 tanker for a flight of F-16's. I think you'd see the F-16 tanker on a Hercules, maybe a KC-135, or a Boeing version.

In its time, Bermuda was a significant NATO base (US Navy, Canadian Defense Forces and the RN's HMS Malabar station, had separate facilities here) before all 3 pulled out around September '95. The local RN station dated back to the 1700s.

Thanks for sending the RAF photo. The Eurofighter looks a beautiful aircraft. The canards forward of the wing were obscured, in the photos I got.

Wish I could see the Typhoon in flight, that would be a real test of photo capture. I read the top USAF general is the only pilot to fly both the Typhoon and the F-16, and speaks very highly of the Typhoon.


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