Sigma DP2s for Event Photography

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Re: Sigma DP2s for Event Photography

it can be done but it's risky..

make sure you use bounce flash.. the dp2 sensor loves light and if you give it plenty you can even shoot it at iso 50.. it's the focusing part that's tricky.. you need good eyes.. in my opinion it's worth the risk because the colors will pop w/ bounce flash and with proper processing you can make your images look like film.. i use an sb-800 on my sd15 and set everything manually..

Valentino 67 wrote:

Hii all,

I will have to take photos for a big event, indoors, big hall, such as a convention centre.

My concern is the focus in artificial or low light for the Sigma DP2s. What do you recommend? I can use the Flash accessory for more light. Without flash, I wouldn't use more than ISO 400.

If focus is not possible, I found tricky to use the Manual focus with DP2s. If I set the focus to 2 meters, I may get or I may not get the subject in focus. I don't have this problem with DP1.

The subject will be people, so there is no time for trying. It is there a "safe" setting to use? Manual focus to 1.5 - 2 meters? What would you do?

Thank you.

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