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PixelGenius best ideas incorporated into ACR6

Phil Hill wrote:

PhotoKit Sharpener 2.0 (from PixelGenius) ...


  • Step 1 input sharpening can often be "by the numbers" as "Details" can be set to vary by camera serial number and ISO.

  • Step 2 creative sharpening can be done with the adjustment brush (or gradients for selective DOF). Obviously, it is rarely "by the numbers", and often optional.

  • Step 3 output sharpening is pretty much strictly by the numbers.

I just recently realized how to use ACR's "Workflow Options", which has a "Sharpen For" option, and Amount opiton.

More and more, most of my images stay as DNG's because of how powerful ACR has become. That wasn't at all the case with CS4 / ACR 5.x.

If I do have to use PS for tweaking (such as panoramas, layers and/or masking), then the output of that is a .tif. I can bring the tif back into ACR and then "Save As" with the "by the numbers" Sharpen For / Amount factors.

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