CV 25mm f/.95 Official Price now up to $1099?

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Re: Correct....

people who buy new cars and don't keep them for the life of the vehicle (10-15 years) are economic morons. Most people should be buying used cars, 2-3 years old, less than 25,000 miles. The dumbest of all are those who buy a car on credit, then trade it in before they are done paying off the loan and rolling the old loan into a new one.

"Most people should"

Ahh, I see.

So individual economic circumstances and subjective enjoyment via perception of value is something that YOU decide? How interesting.

So yes, there are a lot of economic morons out there. Anyone who pays $1200.00 for a lens today that sold for $800.00 a few months ago and will sell for $700.00 in a few more month is a fool-unless you are going to use it to generate revenue, then the analysis is totally different.

Really? How categorical.

So who is it that is naive?

I'll let these responses speak for themselves.


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